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Luke Jessop



Organic Acrobatics


The goal of this class is to expand our body’s capacity for movement, developing potency, versatility and creativity. We will be building a vocabulary of movement based on acrobatics, setting the basics for the body to be able to move with freedom through all the levels, axes and directions. We will be working on our physical qualities (power, mobility, stamina, awareness…) in order to prepare the body for the new requirements and based on that, we will develop our coordination in gradually more complex movements. The level of our physical qualities and our coordination determines the quality and ease with which we perform movements, making them more organic and applicable. We will be practicing full dancing as a way to engage our body and allow it to connect all the acquired information. Both through improvisation and set material, our goal will be to reach a point of high energy as a group, where we are mutually inspired to play, learn, create and perform. This I believe is the most important thing I want to share, enjoying movement and through that letting the body’s intelligence Express.


Alexandros Anastasiadis (1987) owns a Bsc in Physics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Technische Universität Berlin) and a degree of dance (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). He had created and performed various dance and street theater performances with the Dance And The Mind collective in Thessaloniki and Berlin. He is a founding member of the La Otra Familia collective with whom they won the Audience Award at the Certamen Coreografico de Madrid in 2016 and have performed in festivals such as Deltebre Dansa, Dance Days Chania etc. In 2017 he started working with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, in the productions “In spite of wishing and wanting”and “Trap Town”. Since 2011 he has been teaching his “Organic Acrobatics” workshops ( Chania Dance Days Festival, Dock 11 studios etc.) Through these workshops he aims to connect elements of acrobatics, dance and other disciplines he has practiced and most importantly, share his passion for movement.

With Assistant: Patricia Hastewell