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Bénédicte Mottart

Professional contemporary dancer based in Belgium, Bénédicte is a raw, animal and instinctive performer. She explores physical challenge, partnering, improvisation, theatre and likes to work with hights. She worked for 5 years with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus which brought her to highly physical experiences and tours.

As a choreographer, she’s working on the emotion as a starting point to develop a research for freedom, for humanity and for visceral needs. She creates among the Brussels based Compagnie3637 founded together with Coralie Vanderlinden and Sophie Linsmaux in 2008. She works on dance, dance-theatre and young audience fields.


the class will start from a soft and flowing work on the floor aiming for accuracy in patterns and in points of support. We will progressively explore contrasts between effort and release, between power and fragility. We will keep focusing on quality, on the « essence » of the movements while increasing the physical challenge of phrases. Each individual will search for the authenthic starting point to push its moving. As a whole , the class aims to build stamina, to ground the energy and to train an awareness for a «  healthy » physical dance. We also wanna reach a point of tiredness where the body drops its usual habits, its fears, its thoughts, … so we can widen possibilities. Through the week, we will also apply these qualities to some partnering (from softness to power).