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Born in Hungary, he graduated from Hungarian Dance Academy and BCDA - Hungary.

As a professional dancer, he joined the Szeded Contemporary Ballet,

Carte Blanche, Ultima Vez and Leonina Imperial Dance Companies. He teaches at various Dance Companies and Schools such as the Ultimate Company (BEL), Carte Blanche (NO), Unsusual Symptoms (GER), Gothe Theater Munich (GER), Central European Dance Theater (HUN), Budapest Contemporary Dance School (HUN) and Performact (PT). He is a regular guest at international contemporary dance festivals, including the Summer Intensive Festival in Portugal.

Since 2010, he has been developing his own projects, presented at several international dance festivals, most recently Unite Space of Ambivalence (2018), InSoundOut for the Central European Dance Theater (2017), NexToMe for the Unsusual Symptons Dance Theater ( 2016).

Dancer and creator of recognized merit, has already been distinguished with several prizes: Stafta Budapest for young talents (2018), best choreography at the Mono Dance Festival (2017), best dancer in Zoltán Imre prize (2003), best dancer in Veszprém Dance Festi- Val (2001) and the Mária Keresztes Award (1999).


Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher