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He is still dancing and performing in Panama Pictures ( Dutch Dance Company choreographer Pia Meuthen)
Dance teacher and choreographer on the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands.
Started with classic ballet and expression dance, finished ergo therapy, psychomotricity in Belgium and his dance education at the theatre school Amsterdam.
Worked with different dancers, choreographers and multimedia artists: international guest teacher.
Focused on dance-theatre, archeology in human anatomy, philosophy of movements, paintings, drawings and installations.

Palissade for life

I like to work in the classes on the idea every movement has got his own finality.
“ I am dancing to touch finally a personal artistic area whatever it can be”

We are the owners of a complex anatomical,  instrumental and individual language.
The dancer is able and invited to devote his attention to bend over himself in movements out of the nature of our skeleton and chains of muscles in an neurological allover.

So we double our movements and reflect them in other realities, reminding the sense of teaching, gripping and manipulations.
WHY maybe we can make secret similarities visible and palpable.
Working with anatomical principles of palissade: objects and partnering.