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Luke Jessop



Creation lab

Creation Lab:


The workshop and the creation of a final presentation with the participants of Summer Intensive will be an energetic and physical communion of vocabularies from the internationally awarded first two pieces of Ultima Vez - Wim Vandekeybus: “What the Body Does Not Remember” (1987) and “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles” (1989).

Participants will follow the creation process going from the origins of the material, through the transitions and transformations of the vocabulary, until the final performed results.

This vocabulary will also be the starting point for the guided development of the participants' own choreographic work. They will create their compositions through the form, the emotion, the strong theatrical atmosphere and the intention of the proposed material.

We will explore and confront this material through improvisations, floor-work, contact and partner work, group dynamic structures and objects' manipulation. To arrive at this vocabulary participants will work with a wide range of concepts such as tension, instinct, chaos, sensuality, risk, trust, protection, dependency, power, strategies, neutrality, physical extremes...

It is about movement as a theatrical act.


Sneakers are required to participate in the workshop.


Born in Madrid, Spain, where he studied dance and theatre. Later moved to Brussels to found with Wim Vandekeybus the company Ultima Vez and collaborated as a choreographer, trainer, and performer for the very first productions: “What the Body Does Not Remember”, “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles”, “The Weight of a Hand” and the film “Roseland”. Collaborated later as an artistic assistant in “Blush” and “Sonnic Boom”.

Danced with Rosas - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in: “Erts” and “Mozart -Concertaria’s: Un Moto di Gioia”. As an actor performed with Needcompany - Jan Lauwers - Grace Ellen Barkey in: “Rood-Red-Rouge”, “Morning Song”, “The Miraculous Mandarin”, “Caligula” and “King Lear”.

Directed and restaged the various remakes of “What the Body Does Not Remember” and “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles”.

Restaged scenes from the repertoire of Ultima Vez for: the Theater Bielefeld in Germany, SEAD - Salzburg, Art Factory International - Bologna, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, P.A.R.T.S. - Brussels, DDSKS - Copenhagen, IT Dansa - Barcelona, State School of Athens, Ballet des Jeunes d’Europe…

He gave Ultima Vez repertoire workshops in: Brussels, Madrid, Amsterdam, Volgograd, Paris, New York, Athens, Seville, Ljubljana, Beirut, Lisbon, Tokyo, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Salzburg, Seoul, Mexico DF, Rotterdam...

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