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Luke Jessop


Body Action


It is a training based on the construction of physical actions. It induces the participant to move from a common language and not form dance codes. It decodes and destructs the established and predetermined languages of the dance. The class is representation of control and physical intuition, its purpose is to create states: physical, mental and even emotional from taxation. It takes the body to its maximum capabilities with a corporately controlled risk. Guide the pupils to find the truth in their body and to contact their own way of moving, to assume the information regarding their intuition.

The class is experiential learning.


Master in Theater Studies and Scenic Direction and Master in Stage Lighting by the Institute of Theater (IT) in Barcelona, Spain. Graduated in Contemporary Dance from the National School of Classic and Contemporary Dance (ENDCC) in Mexico. He studied in Montreal, Canada, with the Le Jeune Ballet du Québec Company (JBQ), and in New York, USA, with the Hispanic Ballet (BH). 


He is director of the company Physical Momentum where he currently celebrates eleven years of creative career, in parallel is director of the International Festival ATLAS and director of the Training Program of Techniques of Movement (TDM) in Mexico and Barcelona. Since 2006 he has developed his methodological proposal Body-Action and Physical Action as Scenic Construction, with which he has given several workshops in companies, festivals and international art centers in Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

(AUSTRIA) SEAD- Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, (RUSSIA) Классы Для Своих, DAAS, Театр-студия современной хореографии, (CROATIA) Festival plesa i neverbalnog kazališta Svetvinčenat > Zagreb,(GERMANY) DOCK 11, B12 Festival, (BELGIUM) GARAGE 29, TicTac Art Center, (SINGAPORE) Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Odt Dance Fiesta, (INDIA) Dance Rulzs, Attakkalari, (THE NETHERLANDS) FONTYS Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, (ISRAEL) Movement Research Israel / מחקר תנועה ישראל, Kibbutz Program Hasadna & Masa, (GREECE)Krama Arts Space (ITALY) AND Academia Nazzionali di Danza de Roma, SLIP Scola di circo, Lab QuattroX4, (SPAIN) DELTEBRE Festival Deltebre Dansa, La Caldera Barcelona, AREA Espai de Dansa i creació, nunART, Nau Ivanow, L´struch, Tragant dansa, Bambu Danza, PAD Sevilla, CC.Barceloneta, EDAE, Escuela Celra, latiNOlati (COLOMBIA) Festival Danza en la ciudad, Danza Comun (COSTA RICA) Reves, La Machine Festival (ECUADOR) Compañia Nacional de Camara (VENEZUELA) Escuela Nacional de Danza> Teatro Alberto de Paz y Mateos, (BRASIL) Red Festival Dança em Trânsito, Dança de Diadema, Epaço Dança (EL SALVADOR) Festival Nomada - Compañia Nacional de Danza (PANAMÁ) FAE Festival internacional de Artes Escenicas, (CANADA) Université du Québec à Montréal,(MÉXICO) ATLAS México Festival, Centro Nacional de las Artes, ENDCC, ADM, EPDM, ESMDM, OY, UV, UNAM, END, UG, UAQ, UABC, UNISON, ESDS, BUAP, Camp-in, RED de Festivales Norte, Sur y Centro Occidente and many more festivals and schools.


He has earned various awards, residences and artistic grants in Latin America, Asia and Europe. In his international trajectory, he is mentioned as one of the young precursors of new tendencies and ruptures of the training for the scenic interpreter.

He has been a member of several companies and scenic projects for 13 years. During his career he has developed as an interpreter, choreographer and pedagogue; participating in meetings and festivals in Mexico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panamá, Costa Rica, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Russia, Singapore, Israel and India.


He currently resides between the city of Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin.