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We want to make sure that we find the best fit and that everybody can fully participate in the Summer Intensive. This year there will be one advanced group. That group will work just a bit faster and push just a bit further, you'll need not only a solid technical base but also advanced knowledge of improvisation tools and research methods. You do not have to apply via video or CV, but we ask you to be honest about yourself when you choose the groups, so you and others can grow in the best way.


Group A

Advanced group

for professional dancers and dance students


Group B

Regular group

for everyone


Group C

Advanced group

for professional dancers and dance students

Considering the current situation we are trying to arrange things to make them as practical and as safe as possible. 
Each group will be spending the whole day in one studio and the teachers will be the ones rotating around. 

 The Studios will be cleaned and disinfected after each class. 

Changing between the groups will be impossible because of the group restrictions.

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Week 3 teachers.png