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Gustavo Oliveira

Considered by Dance Europe as on of the “Top One Hundred Dancers Season 2010/2011” at 19th position.

Dance Education

1985 – 1996: BRA, PE. Recife, Darue Malungo
Capoeira, Musica (Percussion, Creation of traditional intruments), Danza Afro-Brazileira, Folklorique-Brazileira

1996-2000: BRA, PE. Recife, Grupo Experimental de Danza do Recife under the direction of Monica Lima
Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Professional Experience

2001-2016: CPBC – Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company under the direction of Vasco Wellenkamp

Vasco Wellenkamp – “Sete sonhos de Passaros”, “Amaramalia”, “Requiem”, “Euridicie e o Instante”
Gagik Ismailian – “Fragmented Bodies”
Patrick Delcroix – “Cherché, Trouvé, Perdu”, “Last Time Touch”
Clara Andermatt – “O Toque”
Pedro Goucha Gomes – “Zulia”
Henry Oguike – “Finale”

Collaboration with other choreographers/companies:
Rui Lopes Graça, Benvido Fonseca, Barbara Griggi, Patricia Henriques, Niels Chriestie, Rita Judas, Susana Lima, Denise Namura, Claudia Novoa, Rita Reis, Company Chameleon (UK; “Beauty of the Beast”, “Of Man and Beast”), Opus Ballet Firenze (ITA; “Everything for Nothing” – Solo, Choreography Gustavo Oliveira)

Choreographic work and Masterclasses:

2008-2016: CPBC – choreographing/teaching (Contemporary Dance and
Classical Ballet

2008-current: teaching and choreographing in various private schools/festivals throughout Italy (Concorso Internazionale Gran Premio della Danza in Catania, Opus Ballet Firenze), Portugal (National Conservatory of Dance, Superior School of Dance, “So You Think You Can Dance”), France (Mansle Danse Ecole), Holland (Codarts), Zurich (Tanzwerk101, Zuric Tanztheater Schule), United Kingdom, Angola, Brazil2015-current: Opus Ballet Firenze – choreographing/teaching (Contemporary Dance; “Where is myself”