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How to get to Summer Intensive

Closest airport: Lisbon

1 - Take the metro to “Campo Grande”

First, take red line direction S.Sebastiao until “Alameda” and there change into the green line direction Telheiras until “Campo Grande”


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2 - From there take the bus by transport enterprise Barraqueiro Oeste towards Torres Vedras A8 "via Rápida" (-/+ 40 min.)

For departure see schedule (6 - 7 €)

Screenshot 2022-06-11 at 08.09.22.png

3 - From the bus terminal of Torres Vedras you can easily walk to the festival locations or to your accommodations.

If not... 
Taxi:  Margarida +351 915 522 185

             ( A dos Cunhados region, closer to beaches)

            José           +351 965 657 983

              (Torres Vedras)


The new location of the festival is the town of Torres Vedras which is 50 kilometers north of Lisbon. It lies in the proximity of an amazing beach town called Santa Cruz...

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