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Read the instructions for the inscriptions carefully...

If not filled out correctly your Application can be refused!!!

1. Full name - write in your full name, just like written on your documents.

2.Date of Birth - write in your date of birth, just like written on your documents.

3. Address - write in your address and the country of origin,  just like written on your documents.

4. E mail - Write the email address through which you want to communicate with us and receive all the info about the Summer Intensive Festival

5. Waves - Select one of the option of the first wave - tell us how long you want to stay with us.


6. Number of weeks - let us know which of the weeks you want to join our festival.

7. WEEK - chose which group you want to join in which week.


  • Be sure that you choose ONLY the groups for the week that you chose on the question before.
    Example: if you are joining just in the second week, pick just between the groups of WEEK 2.

    If your choices do not add up your application WILL BE REFUSED!!!

8. Meal Pack - choose between FULL PACK (lunch + dinner), LUNCH PACK (lunch only) and DINNER PACK (dinner only).

If you do not want to take any of our offers, just leave this part empty...
Make sure that you choose the correct size of the meal packages according to the duration of your stay...


9. Meals - Choose between Normal or Vegetarian - only fill out if you chose one of the meal packs.

10. Extra - Choose what you would like to borrow from us to make your traveling easier. If you do not need anything, please choose "None"

11. European Insurance Card - Let us know if you are in possession of the European Insurance Card

12. Agree - you need to agree to our terms and conditions if you want to join our Festival.

13.  Click the button and get ready for the summer!

Inscription Form