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Calm Sea


InSight is a 5-day contemporary dance workshop with the main focus on in-depth research with one of the selected teachers. 

In the current conditions, we are trying to create the opportunity of bringing together a small group of people and provide technical classes as well as the option to dive into the research with the teacher of their choice.

InSight would be happening between 2.8.2020 - 15.8.2020 as two separate workshops:

Week 1: 2.8.2020 - 8.8.2020

Week 2: 9.8.2020-15.8.2020

Anyone who is looking for creative and physical contemporary dance training while enjoying the Portuguese summer?

InSight would be happening in the studios of Performact - School for contemporary dance formation, in the town of Torres Vedras, approximately 50 kilometers north of the Portuguese capital Lisbon and 15 kilometers away from the famous Santa Cruz Beach.





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