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Calm Sea


The options we can provide are quite limited compared to our wishes, nonetheless, we have some suggestions to give you.
After analyzing thoroughly all the imposed safety measures required for InSight to happen, and the facilities where it’ll take place we managed to provide an option of accommodation, inside our hosting building.

Originating from the rework of some workspaces into indoor encampment areas, respecting distance parameters for cleaning, sanitation, and participant safety.

For the designated amount of 50€ per week, we’ll provide a pack consisting of a spot + tent + sleeping bag + foam mattress to those interested, and this way you can make sure that you’ll always be one step away from the studios where everything’s going to happen.

Toilets and showers will be provided as well to all participants.

According to the followed rules, the organization of InSight is not allowed to provide any cooking or food storing structures, therefore we ask you to come prepared for such conditions, bearing in mind that Torres Vedras has a quite reasonable variety of supermarkets, coffeehouses, and restaurants where you can buy food/have meals for a quite reasonable price.

The White Village

If you need more privacy and would like to find somewhere else to sleep we can suggest some accommodations around the city and its surroundings like hotels, residential houses, and surf houses.

 You can find below some of these places’ names and webpages:

*The suggested accommodations are in different proximities to the venue. So the transportation between the accommodation site and the workshop facilities is the participant's responsibility.

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Arcos Hotel

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 19.43.09.png

Stay Hotel


Noah Surf House


Santa Beach House

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 19.52.38.png

Residencial Patio Da Figueira

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