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Calm Sea


As we live in a quite precarious moment in time, mainly due to COVID-19 and the global situation we are all facing, the implementation of certain measures is demanded from the organization and bearing this in mind we intend to make the best out of these rules so they can be looked at as something less restrictive, and more of a reason for you, the participant to enjoy InSight to its fullest.
For starters, we will only allow a maximum of ten people per group, which allows each participant to have more of a chance to be in close contact with the guest teacher.

There will be two groups per week in total which means a total of twenty participants, a reasonable number to allow everyone to get to meet each other and bond.
In general, with most rules concerning personal and space hygiene, you can expect a regularly clean and safe environment. The acceptance of all the rules exposed on the event contingency plan is mandatory by all participants through the signing of a term of acknowledgment and responsibility, this way we can guarantee that not only everyone is well informed about what the procedures are inside the facilities, but as well that every requisite demanded by the hosting structure is met in order for InSight to have its pilot year the best way possible!

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This series of workshops originates of a partnership between Untamed productions and ILÚ, which will be the supporting structures, therefore InSight will take place in the facilities of Performact, a project from these two associations, in Portugal – Torres Vedras, a town close to the country’s west coast, from the 2nd to the 16th of August.

InSight is a series of in-depth dance workshops that have a duration of 5 days. It combines mixed technical classes with a deeper overview of each teacher’s approach to dance and movement. This event will last for two weeks with two guest teachers per week, meaning there will be a total of four different workshops to choose from. Each guest teacher will have a totally distinct way of practice, providing a wider range of choices and interest in a schedule that looks into allowing you enough time, not only to be closer, and to experience all the details but to take them in and digest them.

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