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Calm Sea


Here follow some of the rules that’ll be key in the happening of InSight:

  • Arrivals happen strictly on the 2nd and 9th of August and departures happen on the 8th and 15th of August;

  • Upon entering the hosting facilities every participant has to disinfect their hands and take off their shoes;

  • The common areas will be properly marked with the pathways that should be followed when navigating the building;

  • A 2-meter distance must be kept between people and the use of a mask is mandatory when outside the studios or in common areas;

  • The use of a mask during the workshops is of voluntary nature up to a number of 10 people, if this number is reached at least half the people must have a mask;

  • All studios are to be vacated on cleaning periods mentioned on the schedule.


For more detailed information on the measures/plan to be followed, you can download it with a click of a button below.

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As stated before, in order for InSight to happen there is a number of rules that must be agreed on by each participant and then followed. These rules originate from an internal protocol of the hosting institution which is based on the current laws applied by the Portuguese government concerning the functioning of social structures.
The reason we demand the signing of a term of acknowledgment and responsibility is to make sure all participants, staff, and structure are in sync with the mandatory requirements to ensure the safety and viability of an event of this nature during this period. Signing this term means you, as a participant, have read our contingency plan, agree with it, and promise to follow the exposed measures in order to ensure everyone involved in InSigh safety.

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