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Summer Intensive presents...


Cruz Isael Mata


Máté Mészáros


It is a research based workshop led by two contemporary dance artists with the goal of creating an urban performance.
Our goal is to create a company environment, in which a group of dancers/artists receive intense phisical training in the morning whit a long creation period in the afternoon.
The piece which will be the product of this workshop will be presented in the streets of Tores Vedras in front of the local audience and the participants of the Summer Intensive Festival...

To be more exact...

Instant Staging is a choreographic composition project based in a site-specific model.

Open to professional and preprofesional dancers in the area of ​​contemporary dance.

It proposes an intensive week of experimentation and artistic creation merged in the historical centre of the city of Torres Vedras.

Participants will have the opportunity to create a choreographic composition within the exploration of the urban space and meanwhile develop their technical skills and their own body language under the guidance of two international known artists - Máté Mészáros & Cruz Isael Mata.

Instant Staging will run from July 29 to August 2 in the city of Torres Vedras.

Final public presentation will be on August 2, starting at 9pm.

My New Channel

My New Channel


Dive into a one week intensive process of creation of a site specific performance in the city of Torres Vedras lead by Maté Mészáros and Isael Cruz Mata.

The day will be taken as in a professional company environment:

Morning class starting at 10:00h and than plunging into the creation process until 17:00h

(with 1 hour lunch break in between).

The workshop will be happening in the studios of Performact - school of contemporary dance performer formation, which are located in Torres Vedras.


Instant Staging is a part of Summer Intensive Festival... 
All the participants are welcome to use our camping area in A-dos-Cunhados together with participants
of Summer Intensive.

(camping gear is a responsibility of each participant or it can be rented with our organisation).

Meals can be provided upon pre-booking (Lunch in Torres Vedras, Dinners in A-dos-Cunhados).

The fee for the week of this process is 300€

(plus 8€ obligatory insurance, excluding meal costs).

The inscription is complete after confirmation of fee payment by organisation.

Once Inscription is complete, it´s not refundable or possible to cancel.

For more info and for subscriptions

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