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Martina Griewank

Martina Rodrigues Ambrozio (born 1/09/1987 in Joliet/ USA) has german roots. The reasonable choice for medical studies was taken, but after succeeding the important exams of the 2nd year, she cannot repress her real passion any longer: dance.
One week later she enrolls at the Royal Conservatory Artesis in Flanders. During the three years of the Bachelor she had alternating international dance teachers. At the same time she always aimed to follow other workshops and organized her internships (Ballet Preljocaj and Staastheater Kassel) abroad to widen her horizon and enrich her education. On the way especially Capoeira and Tanztheater gave colour to her movement language.
After her graduation in 2012 she grabbed her bike and rolled of to Budapest where she had a scholarship within the wild card program/ Jardin d’Europe, supported by Ultima Vez. However she did not return to Belgium but affiliated a year of postgraduate studies within the company Marchepied/ Switzerland. Her return to Belgium was a choice and luckily brought her to help Untamed in 2013.
During the second year of studies she started to tour with “I can ride a horse whilst juggling” by Jan Martens. In 2012 she was part of the reopening of the Royal Opera of Wallonia in Liege under the directorship of Jaco van Dormael in” Stradella”. After her first year working for Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, she danced in Saloon” by Def Donkey at the Fringe Festival in Amsterdam in September 2013 and since then turned into Madam Steltenloper for the dance-puppet new collaboration piece of Natgras “De Steltenloper”, touring in Belgium 2014 until 2016. In 2014 she returned for the second time, to the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Since the foundation of the company Untamed, she is in charge of all the communication, administration and production. At the moment she is still touring with the Steltenloper piece and part of the new childrens creation by Natgras/ Goele van Dijk Wegverpserring. That will premiere in April 2016.

Yoga Flow

As an eager, dynamic dancer and mover (running, cycling, capoeira…) I discovered yoga some years ago. It was THE method to find inner rest and concentration within this ever-changing and -moving life of dancers.  As soon as I install the calm breathing I return to my inner self and can practice the Yoga Asanas accurately.  Due to a continuous series of traditional yoga poses and exercises we will warm-up our muscles, open our body and stretch together, but everyone according to his individual capacities and needs. Choosing for a more fluent transfer (flow) from one pose to another allows to synchronize the movements to our individual breathing. Throughout the week each mover becomes acquainted with the sequences to incorporate them and choose the variations their body welcomes most in order to create their own “song” of asanas and breathing.

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