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Samuel Lefeuvre

Dancing through states

The first part of this class is dedicated to being as conscious as possible of the way we organize our body in space, to be as precise as possible about the choices we make, in order to be aware of the infinite possibilities we have. Starting from a slow exploration of our options to organize ourselves in the space, we will go through tasks that will help us to increase our awareness in moving, so that we will make a fun and complex path of our way through space, miles away from the choices we usually make.
Then we will spice things up with tools that are part of my creation process. The main idea is to be able to use our imagination to create and go through physical and mental states that affect our bodies as well as the space around us. Moving from abstract and matter-related states (melting, shaking) to more theatrical ones (drunken, numb), we will create new patterns of movement that will help us evolve as characters, with their own way to capture their surroundings.


Samuel LEFEUVRE is a Brussels-based dancer and choreographer. He danced for Alain Platel, Lisi Estaras and Jérôme Bel amongst others. He was part of Peeping Tom for 5 years during which he took part in the creations Le Salon and Le Sous-Sol. He then went on and developped his own work, first in France inside the collective groupe ENTORSE that he founded with the musician Raphaëlle Latini, and more recently in Belgium with Florencia Demestri with whom he created the company LOG. Together they created the solos "monoLOG" and "OLGA", the duet l'événement and the installation Close-Up. They are currently working on a new piece called "Le Terrier".