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Ted Stoffer




Ted Stoffer (°1970 USA/BE) is a Brussels based choreographer, performer, teacher and founder of Aphasia Dance company. His production, Aphasiadisiac, produced by Les Ballets C de la B, was nominated for critic prizes in Belgium and was a co-recipient of the Argos critics prize at the Brighton Festival UK (2008).

His work spans genres ranging from: contemporary dance, theatre, audience interactive performances, Tanztheater, educational videos, and in 2012 he created an original stage performance inspired by Japanese game shows.

He has taught for: Rosas, Ultima Vez, Charleroi Danse, Sasha Waltz and Guests, DV8, Carte Blanche, ImpulsTanz, the Venice Biennial, amongst many others. He has led creative workshops in most European countries as well as: Japan, Korea, Turkey, and Canada.

Over the last six years he has taught regularly in leading acting schools in Germany and has developed a close working relationship with German director, Sandra Strunz and award winning Flemish director, Luk Percival.



Tools for creation and composition

The 90 minute class focuses on the five elements of movement: Tempo, Energy, Articulation, Space and Duration. There are elements of improvisation as well as technique, asking participants to work individually and collectively.