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New Space


We are eager to have you around, both former participants and new ones, everyone will be welcomed with open arms and hopefully lots of Portuguese sun! This year we decided to make some changes to our festival taking into account the current situation.

Five years ago the founders of the festival discovered an old olive oil warehouse in Torres Vedras and decided to transform it.

Using its massive, open structures they re-shaped it into several dance studios and performance spaces to host residencies, daily training, and researches.

Pursuing the goal of re-using existing structures by implanting an artistic life and environment and allowing its growth in a more durable way now and in the future. 


We wrapped up our studios, kitchens and reception tents and are moving to the installations in Torres Vedras with:

  • Bigger indoor studios fully equipped to suit the needs of the provided classes

  • Fast access to public transportation, providing easier and more frequent ways to get to the beach and bigger cities (Lisbon, etc.);

  • Several supermarkets, groceries, pharmacies, and other local commerces close by, providing variety and choice to everyone;

  • A big number of bakeries, restaurants, and coffeehouses that can seduce you with some delicious Portuguese food and snacks;

And of course, much more, but for that, you’ll have to join us and experience it firsthand!

New Location - Torres Vedras


A fairly small city, close to Lisbon and the west coast of Portugal. The inhabitants are rather nice and curious people, so by the time, Summer Intensive starts we expect them to peep around and greet everybody with their warm Portuguese hospitality. The perimeter of the city is easily completed by foot or bike (there are public city bikes available), and there’ll be time for sure to visit its few points of interest like the ruins of the Castle and the abandoned Cucos hot spring. Both places filled with wonder and beautiful views! There are refreshing green parks and gardens throughout the city which are the perfect spot to have a cool and chilled summer walk, be it in the morning, afternoon or evening.

The city is quite close to the beaches of the west coast as well.        With the bus station 10 minutes away from our facilities it shouldn’t take long to get to one of them! The most visited and accessible one would be Santa Cruz. We do advise you to look into going there if you are about to join Summer Intensive. The sand stretches over kilometers of the coast bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the town of Santa Cruz, although small, in this period of the year becomes more alive than ever due to the perfect holiday spot that it becomes! 

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