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About Us

A dance intensive and international artistic encounter that combines the best of the contemporary dance scene with the best of the Portuguese summer


Every year the intensive program offers three weeks of intensive contemporary dance training, facilitating opportunities to meet and engage with emerging artists and like-minded individuals, all set amidst the beauty of a Portuguese summer

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We assemble a team of three diverse artists/teachers each week, all of whom delve into their unique research alongside participants. Every week features three distinct groups, each with its own class lineup.


Annually we partner up with local organizations and businesses to offer an authentic taste of Portugal. Our offerings include wine-tasting events, surf lessons, evenings of traditional Portuguese dance, and more.



Our core belief is that contemporary dance training should be accessible to all, without being overly costly. To make our festival accessible, we've established the option of complimentary accommodation, allowing individuals to enhance their skills without financial constraints.


One of our primary objectives is to assemble a remarkable team of educators, movers, dancers, and artists from various fields of contemporary dance and theater. Our guest teachers hail from come from all over the world.


Our Story

The Summer Intensive Portugal had its humble beginnings in the quaint Portuguese village of Boavista de A-dos-Cunhados. Founded in 2013 by three directors: Goncalo Lobato, Ricardo Ambrozio, and Martina Ambrozio, the festival aimed to build a cultural bridge between Portugal and Belgium.

Quickly, its influence expanded to encompass all of Europe and beyond, transforming the event into an international gathering and a dance celebration in the heart of the Portuguese countryside.

As the artistic residency in Boavista couldn't keep up with the growing number of participants and installations, the festival found a new home in the central park of the nearby A dos Cunhados agglomeration. It was during this transition that our newest member, Beno Novak, joined the team. At the central park, participants camped, cooked in kitchen tents, enjoyed local dishes in the community restaurant, and made use of the four spacious studios – three large tents and one at the local fire brigade next door. This unique setting brought together locals and dancers from various regions, fostering an environment for wine tastings, folklore dance sessions, and Summer stage presentations at the local bar.

In 2021, for its 8th edition, the Covid era edition,  the festival moved to the Performact studios in Torres Vedras. This relocation offered more and larger studios and improved accessibility, with proximity to essential amenities like cafes, pharmacies, and hospitals, as well as a convenient connection to Lisbon. 

In 2023, we celebrated the 10th edition of Summer Intensive Portugal. To honor this milestone, we took the intensive experience closer to the ocean and the beaches. The relocation of SI Portugal to Santa Cruz, Silveria, Portugal was a tremendous success, granting participants greater freedom to discover the coastline and fully enjoy their stay in Portugal.

For Summer Intensive 2024, we will remain at the same location but with the added benefit of larger studios and our very own restaurant featuring the culinary talents of Ina and Philip.

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