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For this year the camping area is moved indoors so that we can be nicely isolated and have some privacy. The area is free of charge for summer participants exclusively and limited to 75 participants. First to arrive first served.

The use of a tent is mandatory - preferably a self-standing tent that does not need to be driven (nailed) into the floor.

We are providing shower and toilet facilities inside the festival building and also in outdoor containers.

Considering the situation the cooking facilities are this year not available. 

In case you do not have or can not bring your camping equipment you can rent it from us.

Renting Equipment:

Tent 2 people

Tent 3 people

Sleeping Bag

Foldable Foam Mat

Yoga Mat








* for the whole duration of the stay


Student Accommodation 

Another alternative would also be student accommodations.

Some of the students that study in Torres Vedras are leaving for the summer and would be ready to share their rooms for an affordable price.


Please keep in mind that the places for student accommodation are limited*

If you would be interested in renting one of their rooms for the period of your stay write us at:



As an alternative to the indoors camping accommodation option, there are some local hotels, residential houses in Torres Vedras. And even some Surf Houses closer by the sea.

Arcos Hotel

Stay Hotels Torres Vedras

Portuguese Experience

Surf House 360

* Please pay attention that different hotels have different distances from that venue and that for some of them you might need to find a transport.

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