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  • What is "Early Bird" price?
    For this year we are giving you an option to purchase your spot in the festival straight after the inscriptions open at an extra-discounted price. This is called Early Bird / first-comer - it is available only to the first few participants. After Early Bird discounts are all taken you can purchase your spot at a normal price.
  • How do i apply for Summer Intensive Festival?
    You can apply for the festival through our “inscription form” that will be published on our webpage after we start with the inscriptions on 1st of March. The inscriptions are possible up until one day before the start of the week you would like to participate in. Week1 - last day of inscription 14.7.2024 Week2 - last day of inscription 21.7.2024 Week3 - last day of inscription 28.7.2024
  • How do I get to the location of the Summer Intensive 2024?
    You can find the instructions on how to reach us at:
  • Address of the SI 2024 venue?
    The exact address of the SI venue for 2024 is: R. Frei António de Sousa e Távora 13, 2560-046 A dos Cunhados or Póvoa de Penafirme, 2560-046 A dos Cunhados Please note that this year's venue has two addresses due to its expansive nature as part of an EcoSchool complex. Upon arrival, please locate the gym complex and camping area to find the Summer Intensive Studios. MORE ABOUT THE VENUE: Get ready to elevate your Summer Intensive experience to new heights with the 2024 edition! We're thrilled to announce that we've secured an exhilarating new location just a stone's throw away from Santa Cruz. We've received an invitation to utilize the facilities at EcoSchool Panafirme, where expansive dance studios, an indoor cafeteria, and a secluded camping area equipped with all essential amenities await us. This venue not only shields us from the sun, wind, and ocean elements but also conveniently sits within walking distance of the beach. Furthermore, it ensures ample security measures and privacy, guaranteeing a worry-free and enjoyable summer experience for all. We are looking forward to receiving you all for the next edition of Summer Intensive Portugal.
  • Is there a limited number of spaces available for this years SI festival?
    This year we are going to host 3 groups of 25 people - a total of 75 people. If the regulations change in any way and we can increase or we need to decrease the numbers we will inform you through our social networks.
  • Why do i need to get the "SI accident insurance" for 20€
    As an institution that organizes an intensive or a festival that provides physical training of any sort - in our case dance, we are legally obliged to provide accident insurance for all participants of the festival (by state law). This insurance covers all accidents that occur in the studios while practicing or training with us. The 20€ participation insurance is mandatory and we can not allow anyone to take part in the intensive without it. Extra "Personal travel insurance" is not mandatory, but highly recommended. We highly recommend travel insurance which covers any accident occurring while traveling, on the beach, hiking, riding bikes, surfing, etc. This insurance needs to be acquired by the participant themselves. For all European participants, we suggest the "EU insurance card" which is free of charge and covers the whole European Union.
  • Can I participate in the advanced group - Group B or C?
    Group B and Group C iare meant for the participants with a higher level. We would like to propose a group for professionals or dance students that are looking for a higher level of experience. To apply you do not have to send a CV or a video, we just ask you to be honest with your skills and be ready for the fun.
  • Group A / regular - who is it for?
    The regular group (Group A) is meant for everyone that works with their body but is not primarily a dancer and wants to gather more experience in the field of contemporary dance. This group is usually visited by actors, yoga practitioners, dancers from other fields, judo fighters, acrobats, etc.
  • How can i contact Summer Intensive Festival if i have a question?
    Email: Facebook: Instagram:
  • How do i pay for my workshops?
    There are two ways to pay your workshop fee: *a regular bank transfer or *the online platform Wise
  • Can i pay my festival fee in person?
    We don’t accept cash at the venue. Please make sure that you pay for your workshops in advance.
  • What happens if i miss my payment deadline?
    Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to hold your spot in the workshop and it will be opened to another applicant.
  • In what language are the workshops held?
    All the classes at the festival are held in English.
  • What happens if the festival is canceled?
    The Portuguese association ILÚ and Belgian company Untamed Productions are the organisers of the Summer Intensive Festival and delighted to organise this years’ 10th edition and receive you. They’ll do their best to make the festival happen in its safest way. Unfortunately, they are not under the control of all the regulations and evolutions of the pandemic, this is why they are entitled to cancel and/or discontinue the festival in the case of insufficient participant numbers or due to force majeure, e.g. covid-19 measures and restrictions. The fees will then be refunded either in full or on a pro-rata basis if the festival is discontinued after its beginning. A fee of 50€ is deducted for administrative costs. In the event that a teacher is not available, the organiser is entitled to provide an equivalent substitute. Participants cannot claim any refunds of any other costs, such as travel and accommodation.
  • What happens when I cancel the workshop?
    Notice of cancellation must be given in writing by the participants until 50 days before the start of the festival (1/6/2024). The festival will reimburse 50% of the amount paid. After this date, there is NO POSSIBILITY OF REIMBURSEMENT. Refunds are at the discretion of the management. The festival may refund or waive the cancellation penalties if cancellation is due to an unexpected circumstance that's out of his/her control, e.g. severe injury.
  • Who covers my accommodation and travel costs?
    You have to cover your own travel cost. For accommodation, we are providing a free-of-charge indoor camping area where you can use a tent to sleep in (for a limited amount of campers). In case you don’t have your own camping equipment we can rent one out to you. (Learn more about this at the Accommodation Webpage) In case you want to have different accommodations you will need to organize them by yourself and also cover the costs. (some tips can be found at the Accommodation Webpage)
  • Where does the festival take place?
    The festival in 2024 will happen in the city of Santa Cruz, Lisbon which is located on the Portuguese coast north of Lisbon. Find out more about the town here:
  • What about the covid-19 situation?
    Since there are not many restrictions left around the world considering traveling and live events we are hoping that we will be able to make Summer Intensive 2024 happen in its full form. Newer the less we are cautious and are ready to react if the circumstances change. For that reason we are in constant contact with the local health specialists and the government. To stay safe and healthy and to minimise the risks we kindly ask all the participants, all the staff and the teachers to precisely follow the guidelines, whatever they may be at the moment of the festival. CANCELLATION OF SUMMER INTENSIVE 2024 Jet again we are determined to make this year's edition of the Summer Intensive festival happen and spend the summer with you, especially after such a successful edition of SI 2023. We are aware that the pandemic is still quite unpredictable therefore we are taking precautions this year. Even though the possibility is very low that the festival is canceled and/or discontinued due to insufficient participant numbers or due to force majeure, e.g. covid-19 measures and restrictions we are obliged to consider that this can still happen. In that case, the fees will then be refunded either in full or on a pro-rata basis if the festival is discontinued after its beginning. A fee of 50€ is deducted for administrative costs. In the event that a teacher is not available, the organiser is entitled to provide an equivalent substitute. Please keep in mind that the festival can not compensate you for your loss of travel or accommodation funds or others. TRAVELING, QUARANTINE, and TESTING The restrictions, rules, and measures imposed by the government, European Union, states, local authorities, flight companies, travel companies, other institutions, and by the Summer Intensive Festival may be a subject of change before and during the Festival. We advise you to follow the changes and examine the quarantine and covid-19 testing rules for your country of origin and Portugal, at the time of planning your trip and also before departing. While planning your trip do consider flexible tickets or travel insurance that allows you to reschedule your trip or allow you to ask for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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