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Important Information



Lunch and Dinner – meals are available at 7,00€ each.
We provide a Vegetarian option as well.
You can find all the options on our inscription form, which you should fill according to what you want to be included in your weekly pack!

Breakfast is each participant’s responsibility.
The food has to be stored in their owner’s tent.


Personal Belongings:

We would like to remind all the participants that all the camping equipment is their own responsibility. The Summer Intensive organization can not take any responsibility for missing and/or damaged equipment, and/or private belongings, therefore we advise you to take care of what valuables you bring along.

Accident Insurance:

10€ of accident insurance tax will be added to the amount paid for the Summer intensive.
The insurance is by the company GestCunha /Allianz and is obligatory.
The insurance policy and procedure will be laid out at the info point upon arrival.

Next to this, it is necessary for you to send us proof that your personal health insurance is valid in Europe (European card for the EEA citizen, proof from insurance company /policy for non-EU-citizens)



To validate your inscription a proof of payment together with the completed inscription form has to be sent by mail. The inscription process is complete once the payment has been received and confirmed by mail. The options for meals, rental equipment, and week packs are the ones present on the inscription form. If any question arises you may always e-mail us directly to prevent any misunderstandings!

Your inscription is only valid when you have received the final confirmation mail!


Cancellation policy:

If the cancellation is done by the participant until 1 month before the workshop starts (23/7/2021) we will reimburse 50% of the amount paid. After this date, there is NO POSSIBILITY OF REIMBURSEMENT

Refunds are at the discretion of the management. 

It may refund or waive the cancellation penalties if cancellation is due to an unexpected circumstance that's out of his/her control, e.g. severe injury.




Traveling during COVID-19 times:
Since the traveling and crossing of the borders were made a bit more difficult by the current pandemic we urge each participant to inform him/herself and be up-to-date as the travel regulations can differ quite frequently. The travels and required documents and/or tests are the responsibility of the participant.

The festival organization can issue a proof of inscription to defend the nature and destination of the travel.

COVID-19 testing:

Due to the current worldwide pandemic, we kindly ask you to show a negative COVID test (PCR or rapid Antigen tests are accepted) or proof of vaccination before you start your week (72h max.). 


This may be subject to change depending on the evolution of the current situation.

We can recommend a laboratory in Torres Vedras, ask us by e-mail for the address!

General Rules


All the studios, camping sites, showers, and toilets are located inside our facilities, which are a combination of three buildings close to the central part of Torres Vedras City. In total, we have 7 studios, a separate site for the dining, a small bar, some office spaces, and outdoor space for relaxation.

  • prohibited to enter studios with outdoor shoes

  • studios can only be used until 6pm at the latest

  • showers and toilets can be used until 8pm (does not apply to campers)

  • all lights out by midnight!

  • all trash in the foreseen garbage bags

  • illegal drugs are prohibited

  • the festival is not responsible for your personal belongings

  • in case of fire or damage warn the festival team immediately

  • smoking only outside of the installations

  • any damage caused to our facilities and their equipment has to be paid for or replaced

Camping Rules


The festival offers free indoor camping in their studios for a limited amount of participants. Campers have to bring camping equipment or rent it from the festival (tent, mattress, yoga mat, and sleeping bag) and are assigned a specific camping spot that they should keep throughout their whole stay.

  • Each camper has to bring a tent so we can assure a clean division between campers and give some private space. The tents preferably should be of the simple-unfolding type, no hooks or nails to attach. 

  • prohibited to enter the camping areas with outdoor shoes

  • lights go out at 12 PM, after that the noise needs to be kept down

  • all trash needs to be placed into the foreseen garbage bags

  • showers and toilets have to be used carefully and left behind in a clean and tidy state

  • the festival is not responsible for your personal belongings

  • personal belongings cannot remain in the studios after the class hours

  • no food or cutlery at the studio

  • smoking in studios and inside building in general is strictly forbidden 

  • any damage caused has to be paid for and replaced