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Santa Cruz

We are going closer to the ocean than ever!!!


Santa Cruz is a fairly small city, on the coast of the Portuguese ocean about 50 km out of Lisbon.

The inhabitants are rather nice and curious people, so by the time, Summer Intensive starts we expect them to peep around and greet everybody with their warm Portuguese hospitality. The perimeter of the city is easily completed by foot or bike (there are public city bikes available), and there’ll be time for you to visit the beach, the nice shops, and the restaurants with delicious cuisine. Who knows you might even have the chance to catch some waves.

The city is quite close to other beautiful beaches on the west coast as well, so we advise you to hop on the bus and explore the kilometers of sandy shores.

Santa Cruz, although small, in this period of the year becomes more alive than ever due to the perfect holiday spot that it becomes! 

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