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How to get to Summer Intensive

Closest airport: Lisbon

1 - From the airport take the metro to “Campo Grande”.

First, take the red line direction S.Sebastiao until “Alameda” and there change to the green line direction Telheiras until “Campo Grande”

2 - From there take the bus by transport enterprise Barraqueiro Oeste towards Torres Vedras A8 "via Rápida" (-/+ 40 min.)

For departure see the schedule (6 - 7 €)

700_Torres Vedras - Lisboa .jpg

3 - From the bus terminal of Torres Vedras you will need to take bus 703 or bus 704  in the direction of  Santa Cruz.

*See the attached schedule for

buses 703 & 704

703_Torres Vedras - santa cruz.jpg
703_Torres Vedras - santa cruz.jpg
703_Torres Vedras - santa cruz.jpg

4 - Step out at Station 1 or Station 2 in Santa Cruz.
Check the map below to see the location of the stations.


Then walk over to the Festival Camping area marked on the map.


Or You can also take a taxi


 Margarida +351 915 522 185

             ( A dos Cunhados region)

            José           +351 965 657 983

              (Torres Vedras region)

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