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Luke Jessop


Fast, but slow, but up, but down, but wild, but sensitive...


I don´t really have a technique. All what I do is research, play, explore as much as I can. Both movements and performativity.

I find vocabulary, and I add it into the pocket. I take that vocabulary, and I divide it into pieces, and I keep on researching. My research is very connected to my life. When I became 23 year old, I decided to dance, train and explore all the days of the month except one.

My exploration started through transformation of “Breakdance” language, and turned into other forms, shapes and dynamics. Right now it includes the use of the body anatomy, exploration of speed (from slow speed to fast speed), stamina, strengthening the strengths while working on the weaknesses, and the use of the qualities of the body to perform a big range of characters (from serious to stupid characters). We will also explore how to make the so-called “tricks” become “movements”, and we will work on the creativity around them.

We will explore possibilities of the body using and having the centre in different places in relation to the height of the floor and the different parts of the body, until we get comfortable to move in all the little corners of the body positions.


Akira Yoshida started dancing “Breakdance” when he was 13, with his colleages in an informal way. With the years, he entered competitions. He has won prizes in more than 50 competitions in Spain, France and Austria.

At the age of 22, he entered the theatre scene with the company “QuieroTeatro”, getting involved in 3 different productions. He worked also with “JordiVilasecaCia”. At this age he also starts to explore how to expand his dance on his own, in a way closer to contemporary dance.

After getting the main grant for artistic studies from the government of Navarre, he entered SEAD . During this time, he worked with “HungrySharks”, touring central Europe.

Akira left SEAD for some time to work with Roberto Oliván, creating the new big production “Cuculand Souvenir”.

During the last year he also worked for Physical Momentum, by Francisco Córdova.

He created his solo “Home”, with which he has toured in important places in Spain, and also in France, Greece, Italy, Germany and Austria.

He has been also teaching in festivals like B12 (Berlin), Summer Intensive (Portugal), and other countries like Austria, Italy, Holland, etc.