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Luke Jessop



Shifting Shape


Inspired by the multitude of bodily and emotive states we pass through on a daily basis, this class guides you through a physical pathway filled with contrasting qualities and dynamics. 

Celine takes you along in her exploration of transformation in the body, giving shape to what moves inside.  

The class consists of both improvisation tasks and fixed material with roots in contemporary dance and floor work. Inner drive, receptivity in the body and quick shifts in dynamic are key elements, as are use of breath, rhythm and voice. 

Expect lots of shifting shapes and a joyful physical rollercoaster.


Celine Werkhoven (Leiden, 1990) is a dance performer and maker with a love for movement, sound and visual art.

She graduated from the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts as a dance artist (BA Modern Dance Theatre, 2012) and has since then performed with a wide range of companies and choreographers, among which Katja Heitmann, The Dutch National Opera and Voetvolk/Lisbeth Gruwez (BE). In the last few years, she started to increasingly focus on her own artistic language, both independently and in collaboration with her collective SKYPUNCH. This resulted in performances that are not confined to just one form or discipline and always speak to more than one of the senses. Through poetic images and sounds she shows her view on what it means to be human, often with a touch of wonderment, humor and sensibility. 

Beside her work as a performer and choreographer Celine is a singer and an experienced teacher in contemporary dance and improvisation.

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