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Luke Jessop



Dynamic Changes


The classes are addressed to dancers and actors with physical training background interested in dance as an artistic form of expression. Movement is the ruler of the work.
In the classes, senses and feelings are for a big deal the origin of movement and the shapes get organized as a consequence.
Partner and floor work with high doses of energy and dynamic changes will share the attention in the class.

Without wanting to impose an aesthetic, the movements often look pretty pedestrian, humans like every day’s actions.
The tools used in the class are easily applicable to any other ways of moving. We will boost shifts between states of power and fragility and observe the influence on the rhythm of the proposed dance language.

Group C: partnering workshop with Inaki Azpillaga & Ricardo Ambrozio

Who does not adore to swing/move together with a partner and experience the dialogue growing? 

The exchange happens while tuning in with this new friend? 

This is what we will implement on the dance floor during these classes.

Partners, dialogue, in contact, sharing weights, the living space in between partners, leading&following, the look, the touch, the smell … and many more terms will become part of your vocabulary as dancers. 

We will introduce exercises to enhance communication between partners and create the base to successfully master given choreographic vocabulary and improvised situations, always maintaining the dialogue as the motor for partnering. 


Born in Donostia (Spain). His initial approach to dance was Bask folk dance. His dance formation includes Classical Ballet studies as well as Jazz, Modern, and Contemporary dance. After dancing with the National Ballet Company of Spain he directs his career towards the contemporary dance field, working with different companies and in a variety of productions in Spain.
After an encounter with Wim Vandekeybus, he joins his company Ultima Vez in Brussels where for the past 20 years Iñaki has been involved as a dancer, choreographic assistant, and teacher. Currently, he combines the assistance to dance creations with his pedagogical engagement: He teaches workshops and gives dance lessons to professionals and in dance schools. Within the teaching frame, he has created the pieces: Cyclopes (Tokyo 2010), Jeffrey.1 (Copenhagen 2011), Blik Opener (Antwerp 2014), Turbador (Brussels 2016) and Miedo a Volar (Quito 2017).


Video from Inaki's class in the Summer Intensive 2018

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