Luke Jessop


Falling into Movement


In this class, you are going to work your body to its full potential, working from Improvisation to specific movement phrases.
João’s interests as a dancer, make him work in a way that even when having a set phrase, the possibilities of doing it differ depending on each person’s individuality, and paying attention to the group, even when doing an exercise, you’ll end up developing a feeling of community in this class. The class itself develops from standing on your own or with someone else to fluid floor work and group exercises that challenge the awareness in the space, finishing with phrases that mix vertical levels throughout the space, paying attention to transitions.
It's a simple class with a lot of attention to details and to each dancer's way of doing things. João is always interested in the idea of moving your whole body at the same time, even when doing just a simple roll on the floor, keeping everything alive
and ready for new possibilities or new ways out of one simple beginning.


João Cardoso, born in Portugal in 1992, graduated from Escola Superior de Dança in 2014. Since then he has worked with Companhia Instável, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro, Victor Hugo Pontes, and Marco da Silva Ferreira. Alongside with his dancing career, João Cardoso has been slowly developing his own work/pieces, Stay Still, Stand Silent; Adapted to Y&Y; Even though it’s not Framed, Civilized Solitude and Chaotic Silence, this last two for the course Performact.

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