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Luke Jessop



Body Action


Laura's class will use the Chakra points as an initiation to generate movement and energy.

Centering around the connection between the head and the spine, creating flow in a serpent like fashion.

With the incorporation of Laura’s handstand practice, handstand conditioning to support the external rotators will be integrated into floor work techniques. The use of opposites are prominent in her highly physical practice, gathering - sending,  high - low, emotionally driven movement – functional movement patterns.


Her classes combine multiple influences – her strength as an ex-gymnast, the grounding and core of African Dance, the fluidity and circularity of Kathak, and the vitality and floor work from Flying Low to create a flowing, strength based movement class.


Upon completion of Laura’s full-time dance training at Northern School of Dance, Laura has danced for and collaborated with a vast amount of artists and companies drawing upon a variety of backgrounds and practices.

Laura’s physicality is drawn from these experiences alongside her regular handstand practice, her training in Capoeira and the Korean Classical martial art, Tang Soo Do. Laura has studied Commedia Del'Arte, Red Nose and Dark Clown under Peta Lily, and continues to delve further into this exploration.

Laura continues to create, choreograph, and direct highly physical work exploring an array of themes and physical practices under her company Vanhulle Dance Theatre.

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