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Carefully read the registration instructions.
Failure to complete the application accurately may result in rejection.

    Select one or more weeks for your participation in the Summer Intensive 2024, 
    depending on how long you would like to stay with us.

  • CHOOSE THE GROUP - please choose for each week the group you would like to take part in
    WEEK 1 & WEEK 3 

    Know that by choosing Group B or Group C / Advanced you understand that for this group the teachers are looking not only for a solid technical base but also advanced knowledge of improvisation tools and research methods. 
    WEEK 2

    Be aware that during the second week, participants will be placed in mixed groups, attending two intensive workshops per day led by two out of the three teachers assigned for that week. Ensure you choose the group with the two artists you wish to collaborate with.


  • Be sure that you choose ONLY the groups for the week that you have chosen on question number 6.
    For example: if you are joining just in the second week, pick just between the groups of WEEK 2.

    If your choices do not add up, and the application is unclear, your will be asked to redo the application.

  • Meal Pack
    Choose between FULL PACK (lunch + dinner), LUNCH PACK (lunch only), and DINNER PACK (dinner only).
    The choice you make is calculated for the whole duration of your stay...

  • Meal Options
    Choose between Mixed or Vegetarian - only fill out if you chose one of the meal packs otherwise leave it empty.


  • Accommodation
    Let us know if you are planning to use the festival camping area (free for participants) or if you will find your own accommodation.


  • Camping equipment
    if you do not plan to bring your own camping equipment and would like to rent it from us, let us know what you will need. 


  • European Insurance Card - Let us know if you are in possession of the European Insurance Card

  • Confirm
    you need to agree to our terms and conditions if you want to join our intensive.

    Click the SEND button and get ready for the summer!

You should receive the inscription email in 3 to 5 working days. If you do not receive the email in that time please check your Junk folder or contact us via email:

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