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Luke Jessop


Payatt INtransit 


Payatt intransit is a contemporary movement technique that combines movement principles from the ancient indian martial art, kalaripayattu ,dynamic energy work, as well as yogic principles like pranayama and meditation. It trains the practitioners in a safe, organic and yet rigorous way to become more confident, soft, relaxed, flexible and powerful. It is training us to be quick in our movements, reflexes and choices. We learn to isolate the strong physical aspect of this class from the constant calm within. We create rage in order find rest and we create chaos to find calmness. The purpose of the technique lies in knowing one`s physical, mental and phsycological boundaries as well as it's reasons. The aim is to expand those frontiers.


Rakesh started his career as a Bollywood dancer with a dance company in Kerala/India. Duringthis period he worked in several films as a dancer and assistant choreographer. In 2003 He startedhis contemporary dancing at Attakalari Bangalore-India.Since 2009 Rakesh has been working on developing a contemporary movement method calledPayatt INtransit - using Kalarippayattu and contemporary movement techniques, yoga and energywork. He has been invited to teach Payatt INtransit at various festivals and for companies such asSidi Larbi’s company, Ultima Vez, Impuls Tanz Vienna, Deltebre Danza Spain and several othercompanies and festivals countries around the globe.He also works as freelance Performer/ Choreographer, collaborating with various artists fromdifferent genre. In 2014 He has become certified yoga teacher from Shivananda school of yoga.He currently lives and works by dividing his time between Europe and Asia.