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Luke Jessop

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The Awakened Body


A dynamic and lucid state of intentional surrender.  By ‘awakening’ our senses to the endless river of images within the body, we begin to see it as our source of in-formation and experience within each creative or destructive act.   


This comprehensive and multi-layered practice works toward developing a greater awareness of the dynamic relationship between impulse and action.  Here, we are looking for clarity and organicity of movement in both form and content.


To do so, instinct and intuition will play a vital role in our work.  We will work toward revealing just where it is we are ‘asleep’ in our action.  Using guided movement and theatrical exercises, the focus shifts from the initial development and clarification of one’s artistic language, to the task of composing within a structure…ultimately, leading us to the creative act and unveiling our unique language and presence as performers and creators.


This workshop is open to all actors, dancers, and performers.


Born in the U.S., Rob was a nationally competitive gymnast for 13 years.  In 1991, he enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program for theatre and contemporary dance at the University of New Mexico.

He joined Ultima Vez in 2002, performing in the creations of Blush, Sonic Boom, PUUR, Spiegel, the revivals of What the Body Does Not Remember, In Spite of Wishing and Wanting, Scattered Memories, and others.  Since 2009, he has collaborated as a director, choreographer, performer, dramaturgical assistant, and sound composer with several local and international artists and organizations throughout Europe and abroad.

Rob has taught at various higher education institutions in Europe including PARTS, SEAD, Performact, CCJC Toulouse, and ArtEZ Arnhem, to name a few. He regularly teaches internationally at different festivals or studios such as B12 Berlin, Paris Summer Academy, First-Light China, Gate8, PARTS Summer school, and since 2018 is a member of the CID (Conseil International de la Danse).

His own creative and pedagogic work combines 30 years of research and experience in performance, dance, theatre, sound composition, martial arts, therapeutic massage, meditation, and most recently Saphire® Imagery at the School of Images based in New York.  

Rob regularly gives workshops internationally and is currently based in Brussels. 

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