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Luke Jessop



Tips for Trips


Participants will be introduced to five tools to help create and compose, physical movement. These tools offer a focus for creative stimulation and exploration. The goal of the exploration is to find a trip so one can develop a simultaneous subjective and objective relationship with one's self. It is my experience that these tools offer a secure way to research beyond the known to the unknown.


Ted Stoffer (°1970 USA/BE) is a Brussels based choreographer, teacher, and performer. He has choreographed for: Les Ballets C de la B, Norrdans, Ballet Roto, and Aphasia Dance company, which he founded in 1997. His production, Aphasiadisiac, nominated for critic prizes in Belgium was a co-recipient of the Argos critics prize at Brighton Festival, UK. His works have toured: Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Japan and presented at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA. His educational video MENINX was used by the BBC & Arts Council of England throughout the globe.
Over the past 20 years he has taught for: Ultima Vez, Rosas, Charleroi Danses, Need Company, DV8, Sasha Waltz, Ballet Marseilles, Carte Blanche amongst other international dance companies. He has taught in festivals such as Impuls Tanz, Kalamata festival, ReAction International Artist Exchange, Hot Summer Kyoto International Festival, Dance Istanbul, B12, TanzFabrik, Summer Intensive, etc., He is also a regular teacher at leading acting schools in Germany and collaborates
regularly with award-winning director, Luk Percival.

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