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Luke Jessop



Mindful Stamina &
Conscious Risk


Mindful Stamina & Conscious Risk / The Body as an Open System

Searching for a Conscious Risk and Trust in the Body - A Hidden Physical Morphology

When movement asks for full engagement, the connection with knowledge and resonance is inherent in the moving-thinking body, freedom appears naturally and knowledge swells.
This allows us to discover the relationship between the smallest level of activity within the body and the largest movement of the body, aligning the inner cellular movement with the external expression of dynamic movement through space.

We will engage in the dialogue of resistance, resolution, and resonance.

Through a dynamic movement language, we will embody a sensory awareness of our own physical possibilities, a search for an availability to all the layers of dynamic information in the body. We will facilitate an intertwined and many-layered space within the 4-dimensional body, to stimulate states of letting go, process, availability, and allowing, fostering a non-linear and ever-shifting practice of change.
Through the awakening and following of the natural yet deeply hidden physical morphology, we will facilitate a space to stimulate an availability of letting go of one's holding patterns and preconceptions of the moving body.
A continual dialogue between awareness and action, aware of the relationships that exist throughout our body/mind and acting from that awareness. The merging of action and awareness can allow for a conscious risk. A constant fall and abandon in the body combined with an understanding and availability to trust.


Tijen Lawton is a professional dance artist. Her work shifts between performing, teaching, rehearsal directing, mentoring, coaching, and researching in artistic and academic contexts. Both in her creative work and teaching Tijen constantly investigates and challenges the body as an archive. The act of teaching is interconnected to the artistic practice. The research and the commitment to the unexplainable in the moving body, in all its systems, structures, and sensory perception, a raising of creative powers, by the senses, that they become sharper, richer, and more potent, the instinct to be overwhelmed.Kinaesthetic intelligence, persistence and stacking, layering of crisscrossing wavelengths of physical, technical, and mindful challenges, inner drive and cellular structure, a knowledge so deeply embedded in the body, nourishing the constant creative body. Tijen studied at Arts Educational School London, The Place London, and The Juilliard School New York. Her main body of works spans over a period of 30 years. For 15 years, she was a constant presence in all of Jan Lauwers & Needcompany’s work performing, creating, and touring worldwide. Also performing, touring & and collaborating with Caterina & Carlotta Sagna, Mauro Paccagnella & Wooshing Machine, Erika Zueneli, As Palavras / Cie Claudio Bernardo, Rebecca Lenaerts, Greet Vissers & Kunstz, Mokhallad Rasem & het Toneelhuis, Marco Toricce, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Andrew Graham, laGeste (Les ballets C de la B & Kabinet-K).

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